Chair Person of Lakhimpur Khiri by Syed Mohammad Qasim

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Chair Person of Lakhimpur Khiri !
I was travelling in the Lakhimpur Khiri few days back to pay my respects to a famous Sufi Hazrat Syed Mohammad Mushtaq Shah R.A. As I reached Dargah premise near avery old and beautiful baradari I saw an old artisan working .I came out of my car and reached near the banyan tree where he was at work .The old man was engrossed in his work .I offered my salam to him and spent some time just observing how deeply he was engrossed in his job .The chair weavers are a rare tribe of artisans and the art of chair weaving is in the last legs .I shared with this artisan about my project and he agreed to get photograph. He innocently asked ,”What will happen with my photo son ?I am a poor man .”I shared you are not poor , you have a rich art in your hands and I will like to keep your pictures as a photographic record for future generation .He was very happy to hear that .Sixty five year old Mohammad Akhlaq ,lives in Khiri town in Uttar Pradesh and has been doing this job of chair weaving since last forty years . This art is his family profession .His father was blind but a master of this art .Mohammad Akhlaq learnt this art from his blind father .Dressed in immaculate white Kurta and black Rampuri Cap ,this artist proved an interesting subject of my ‪#‎Sigma1oo‬ Strangers project .


Syed Mohammad Qasim

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